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All using the LYOCAN drying technology, providing a smoother product with less impurities.
Try them out now and discover the next era of cannabis products.


    Grown Indoors

    7 grams Hybrid

    THC 22-28% CBD 0-1%

    An extensive assortment of top-notch indoor strains to choose from.


    Grown Outdoors

    7 grams Hybrid

    THC 20-26% CBD 0-1%

    A diverse selection of the best outdoor strains available.


    Snacks AU NATUREL Infused & Tasty

    10 slices of 1mg each

    Total THC 10mg per bag

    Sublimed & infused apples for a snack with a little extra kick.

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Cannabis meets science

No one should compromise on quality when it comes to cannabis products. The industry is in a race for profit at the expanse of product quality, but we made it our sole purpose to deliver great products with a level of quality never seen before.

Cannabista® creates a shift in the cannabis world with it’s proprietary drying technology using a precise low temperature process called Lyocan.

Combining great respect towards traditions in cannabis culture and a passion for technological breakthroughs, we bring you the best of the best.

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BE LYO with less of the nasty stuff!

Lyocan drying after harvesting greatly reduces the spread of mould and contamination. Know what you are smoking.

THINK BIG with better texture

With 30% more volume, our flowers maintain their size! Our distinctive drying technology preserves the cannabis’s natural beauty and properties, resulting in not just meticulously cured cannabis for enhanced flavour but also a velvety and lavish flower that is larger and provides a smoother experience.

BE LYO with a longer shelf life

Cannabis dried using Lyocan technology has a much longer shelf life. Your cannabis is fresher and stays that way for a longer period of time.

Perfectly preserved terpenes and trichomes

Through the drying process, terpenes and trichomes are preserved, resulting in cannabis bursting with an explosion of flavours!


Same strain

Same lot

Same producer

Two drying methods

Carefully Selected

We carefully select the absolute best cannabis. Only the greatest strains, grown by master growers at the peak of their craft are chosen to be part our offer.  The objective is to cater to the preferences of all cannabis enthusiasts, ranging from beginners to seasoned connoisseurs, ensuring their satisfaction.

More Generous

Our flowers are consistently more generous, not just in size but also in taste, flavour, and overall experience. Our clients have shared feedback about a smoother and more enjoyable smoking experience.

Proudly Canadian

By choosing local producers, we encourage small Canadian businesses as well as having a smaller carbon footprint per gram. Smoking cannabis and buying local, the perfect deal!

Discover the array of products that vary throughout the country. Explore the list of available products specific near you.

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We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding our products and cannabis in general. Please reach out to us for more info.

Is hang or rack drying the best way to dry cannabis?

The use of hang or rack drying methods can potentially lead to cross-contamination and promote the growth of mould and contamination, even in low humidity environments. Low temperature drying sublimation techniques are regarded as a clean approach for drying cannabis. It also helps preserving THC levels and retaining the integrity of trichomes and terpenes.

Are dense buds better?

It is a common misconception amongst consumers that dense buds make for a better cannabis. This misconception comes from the perspective that a denser bud after harvesting is the sign of a healthier plant. A plant that lacked light or nutrients will be lighter and seem fluffy when harvested.

However, the opposite is true for cannabis that has been dried using low temperature sublimation vs. hang dried. The flower, when dried using low temperature sublimation, will preserve its integrity and keep its shape and colour for an overall more appealing cannabis. A hang dried flower will be denser since the structural integrity can be deteriorated during the drying process.

What is the difference between irradiated and non-irradiated cannabis?

Most Canadian producers rely on irradiation to sterilize pathogens in cannabis flowers mainly to stop mould and contamination. Irradiated cannabis has the same CBD and THC values but the terpenes in the product are degraded, causing a loss of flavour. Drying the cannabis using low-temperature sublimation prevents the formation of mould during the drying process, eliminating the need for irradiation.

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